We're Going to Kajabi Hero Live!

kajabi public speaking May 02, 2023

This post is NOT a sales pitch, because I suck at those, so please don't feel like I'm going to sell you product.

Because I suck at thinky veiled sales pitches anyway, and you'd sniff it a mile away.

If you know me (and if you've made it this far, I'm CERTAIN you know me pretty well), I am opportunistic, and I'm pretty damn good at Making Shit Happen.


I started using the Kajabi platform back in late 2021 on a semi-whim, thanks to Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy, knowing I needed a place to have all my brilliant coaching stuff, as well as build courses I would never complete, generate email lists I would soon disregard, and a podcast I would love but lose momentum PDQ because ALL THE THINGS.

(Hear me out, ok? Just...bear with me.)

Regardless, I needed an online space.

Uh, I needed ANOTHER online space.

I also genuinely needed something to help me officially launch my coaching business (rather than half-assing it behind the scenes for years), and have everything look... "tidy".

Kajabi fit the bill perfectly for me.

Nearly 18 months later, I've used almost every available feature in one way or another, and finally found my groove. Kinda. But the best thing has been the community support I've had in the Kajabi Facebook group.


I've asked countless questions - smart and uh, not-so smart, I've cheered on other Kajabians (yep, that's a thing) when they've reached their Hero milestones, and they've celebrated me when I've reached mine (I have the 10k badge, which means I've made more than 10k in sales of coaching and courses). They've also shared their inspirational stories of their journies, and they've listened to my story as its grown and shaped and moulded and developed.

And I have to remind myself that, throwing myself into the world of divorce, moving out to become a single mom of 2, with a cello business I was super keen to make established, and an income of around £6k pa, I was uhhhhhh...

...brave? Ballsy? Utterly insane? 

But it was worth it. Hell, my own story incentivised my own self to keep going.

Apparently it helped others, too, which is quite the honour.

And so Kajabi got in touch, regarding their IN! PERSON! LIVE! EVENT! happening at the end of May. I saw the email and thought it was a scame to be honest.

"Hi Jay! We love your story and would love for you to share your experience, insight, and support, as a panelist at Kajabi Hero Live!"

Huh yeah sure, just make sure the zoom connection is good, and I'll be on a screen, right? Yep cool.


"Jay, please jump on this call as a matter of urgency, so we can discuss you being on the speaker panel in Texas for Kajabi Hero Live."

Whilst on the call, "Ok ummm...well I don't have a billion Hero milestone pins...nor do I have a shed load of six figure courses...but I play all the cello pretty good and can do the coaching thing..."

And that is why they would like me to speak, on the panel.

And then perform something with Sid.

In a couple of weeks time.

In Texas.

At Kajabi Hero Live.


I'll just be sitting here thinking about all the things I need to remember to do, whilst probably remembering to do absolutely none of them.

Oooo! I could go and play Minecraft for a bit...

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