The ADHD Love Notes

The essential mini course guide to dealing with your inner ADHD critic, and levelling up your ADHD life

This is a super quick, 1 week introductory course, designed to help you massively kickstart your way to ADHD success. Learn how to feel more confident about yourself and your ADHD, improve belief and value in yourself, and take steps toward harnessing that all-too-devastating inner ADHD critic.

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Download the ADHD Love Notes guide now. As well as quick guide to ADHD self love and support from me(!), you'll get:

  • A straightforward, simple but effective mini course designed to help and support you in your own time
  • Find out what you need to help you power up your ADHD mind, creating a solid foundation for mentally managing ADHD 
  • Discovering the basics of ADHD life coaching, and how it can massively help you keep your life moving forwards

Hi! I'm Jay... 

I'm a certified ADHD life coach. I also have ADHD, and I'm living life to the full, outside the box! Even better is that I'm able to give my clients the tools to significantly improve their lives too, some of which is demonstrated in this mini course!


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