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What you can find on Jay's cosmicgirlie Discord server:

Body Doubling, Just Chatting, ADHD Q&A Coaching

Need to get some work or study done, and want some real life background company? Need a little community to help you feel supported? This is a great place for that.

Live ADHD Q&A coaching sessions* also happen where you can ask me your coaching questions live in chat!

*subscribers only

Solo gameplay and interactive chat games

I've been an avid gamer for many, many years, and my two sons make it even more fun! Follow along in my Minecraft world "cosmicraft", or maybe a bit of Stardew Valley or Genshin Impact.

There are also live interactive games for you to join in with, too!

Live Music Performance, Coaching, & Improvisation!

Cello performance is a huge part of my life, so cello music was bound to on stream! Request tracks from the play list, listen to mini concerts*, or ask me about cello coaching and online tuition.

For the most part, enjoy some live music and jamming sessions on the stream!


*channel points redemption

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musician, coach, gamer...streamer, community maker!


The pandemic had a LOT to answer for. In sooooo many different ways. I was in the middle of my MA, had two kiddos and a husband, and needed to remain connected with people, hold on to my sanity, and generate a teensy bit of income.

I'm not even sure how it happened, but that's when I first found Twitch.TV!

It didn't take me long to build up a small, but very precious-to-me community. I streamed Minecraft and other games, chatted with friends, gained sponsorship for a drinks company, performed things on cello, and loads more. My path to becoming a Twitch Affiliate was made easy thanks to some WONDERFUL PEOPLE. It was amazing! And then lockdown was lifted once and for all here in the UK, my husband and I parted ways, and my kiddos and I moved out and made serious life adjustments.

But, I found myself drifting back towards "community". I missed the conversations, the friendships, the interactions, and more, and so I finally returned to Twitch after about 18 months.

Now, I integrate all of my businesses - cello performance, music creation, ADHD/life & business coaching, crochet and knitting, and gaming - all into one beautiful community, where all are welcome.

And it's AMAZING.

Want to be a part of an ongoing community, with updates, fun, and bacon (emotes)?

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Come and join the cosmicgirlie community!

From gaming to goat feeding (not even kidding) and everything in between,Twitch (and the associated community platform Discord) is a wonderful place for friendship, info, creative crafts, live music and so much more!

See you at the start of the next stream...?