Hi! I'm Jay Émme

Certified Transformational Life Coach
Dream Grabber, Goal Smasher


Hi! I'm a professional life coach, and I myself have ADHD.I am trained to Masters degree level, with a diploma and BA along the way.

My desire to help, support, and encourage other people was present from a very young age, and I have always had some sort of coaching role throughout my life.

Having completed my Masters degree with a distinction, in the middle of the pandemic, I became increasingly aware that one of my children might have ADHD. The day right before my final degree project, I myself was diagnosed with ADHD (extreme combined type C) and have since also been diagnosed as autistic. As strange as it sounds, I pride myself on being able to relate as closely as possible to the experiences of my clients, so that I may be more empathetic to their circumstances and needs.

I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for around 15 years, having created and run incredibly successful businesses in that time frame (including being a wedding photographer, booking weddings in the UK, US, Europe, Thailand, and more!). I am now currently living my dream as a qualified transformational life coach, and also a fully booked solo wedding cellist for weddings around the world. I wanted to be a professional cellist since the age of 6; after years of people telling me I'd never be able to do it (but never really explaining why...) I finally found a way to make it happen. And living out my dreams is absolutely amazing.

Here are some things about working with me as your coach, which I really,really insist you should know before if you'd love to work with me:

I absolutely adore working with adults who are READY to tackle the challenges and obstacles which seem to prevent them from smashing ultimate goals, and reaching full potential.

I'm not here to give you all the answers - we are an incredibly diverse range of human beings, and an ADHD life is NOT cookie-cutter, in any way, shape, or form. I will, however, help you unlock skills and abilities which mean you can work with your own brain, and move forward in a way which feels good and right for you.

I'm very compassionate - I too have ADHD, and am Autistic. I deeply recognise the trauma of comorbidities, and am sympathetic to understanding the different needs of a neurodivergent person. We share this journey together.

I'm not here for your accountability. I'm not here to send you loads of reminders, I won't pester you (outside of sessions...!), and I'm not going to check up on you. I will be your personal cheerleader, should you ever want to share your successes with me. I flipping love it when I get a Voxer message telling me you got another win under your belt, no matter how big or small. ;)

I'm pretty straightforward, and I don't beat around the bush. I'm here to help you get fab results, and we can't do that if I'm being wishy-washy with you.

I always show TF up - I am committed to you, and the agreement we have together.

I ask some ridiculously intuitive questions which keep you moving forwards, and like to dig deep (with your permission) to uncover any blocks you might not even have considered.

I am unmedicated - This means that, during our sessions, you will most likely see me unmasked, and demonstrating focus which means I do my best work based on my own needs. Want to know more about this? Happy to chat about it.

I will only work with you if I'm absolutely certain that we can form an incredible team - and that takes work from ​both of us. I'm pretty certain that you are creative and hard-working, determined and curious, and you know that you deserve a much higher success rate in life, business, and more. I'm here to help you grab that much deserved success, because I love to see it.

Ready to get started?