Hi! I’m Jay Émme

Certified ADHD Life Coach, and Life Consultant


Hi! I'm a professional life coach, and I myself have ADHD. I am trained to Masters degree level, with a diploma and BA along the way.

My desire to help, support, and encourage other people was present from a very young age, and I have always had some sort of coaching role throughout my life. 

Having completed my Masters degree with a distinction, in the middle of the pandemic, I became increasingly aware that one of my children might have ADHD. The day right before my final degree project, I myself was diagnosed with ADHD (extreme combined type C) and have since also been diagnosed as autistic. As strange as it sounds, I pride myself on being able to relate as closely as possible to the experiences of my clients, so that I may be more empathetic to their circumstances and needs.

 I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for around 15 years, having created and run incredibly successful businesses in that time frame (including being a wedding photographer, booking weddings in the UK, US, most of Europe, Thailand, and more!). I am now currently living my dream as a life coach and life consultant, whilst also performing solo on cello for weddings around the world. I wanted to be a professional cellist since the age of 6; after years of people telling me I'd never be able to do it (but never really explaining why...) I finally found a way to make it happen. And living out my dreams is absolutely amazing.

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