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Signature Coaching Programme

FearLess Creatives

Signature Group Coaching Programme

This programme has been created to give you as much ongoing support as possible. I know you have some wicked goals and desires, but you want some help getting there, from someone who's been where you are now, and already tried all the things you're fighting with!

  • Find a collective of amazing people like you
  • Increase your creative presence with confidence
  • Generate a healthy and supportive belief system for yourself
  • Show up in front of an audience with authenticity
  • No more feeling like a fraud
  • Value yourself, and your amazing creative skills
  • Feel confident enough to charge your worth
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Coaching Downloads

It's your pocket creative coaching companion, all in one place! Use this PDF document digitally or as a printable, to support you on a daily, weekly, monthly AND/OR annual basis - as often as you need! Much of what I use in this Creative Coaching Companion is a light version of what I use with some of my clients, and also what I use for myself in my creative world. It includes coaching tools I have learned and explored during my own coaching certification, as well as tried and tested practices to support my clients in achieving their goals. It's rammed full, and is yours for as long as you need it!

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 Now you can take the ADHD Love Notes with you anywhere you go! Inside, you will find 28 powerful mantras designed for you to use whenever you need. Each one is designed to support you and your ADHD brain, understand your self-worth, grow your confidence, and help you get to know the real you. You literally have a "pocket cheerleader"!

Included is all 28 ADHD Love Notes mp3 files, 28 image files of the mantras for you to use and print, and an accompanying guidance PDF, to get the most out of these powerful, mantras.

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1:1 Coaching Services

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

If you are a new client, please remember to book your free connection call before purchasing a coaching package. This is to ensure that we are a good fit, and that we can maximise potential together.

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Courses & Programmes

Signature group coaching programme, designed for you to use as little or as much as you need. Includes courses, live coaching, workshops, private community, meet ups, and loads more!

Five Day Workshop exploring how to formulate an actual plan, to bring some of your dreams to reality!

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