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Tired of chasing something which your ADHD says is impossible?
Need some help and support making realistic, significant changes?
Frustrated with seeing your goals right there, but can't get started?
(Want to learn how to kick your ADHD in the ass a little bit?)

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.

Let's work together.


It starts here, it starts now, and I'll be with you every step of the way, with powerful, transformational ADHD life coaching, and super effective business mentoring/consultancy services.

Would you like to:


  • Understand how to navigate life and work issues with ADHD

  • Confidently explore significant business decisions and opportunities

  • Ease your way through confusing and frustrating situations

  • Watch your growth as you increase in confidence

  • Recognise your options to help improve certain circumstances

  • Learn to create space to help you process a million thoughts


And most importantly...

...have someone cheering you on when you're awesome?

Then let's do this!

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ADHD Life Coaching -

Client Testimonial...


"I absolutely love Jay's no nonsense approach to neurodiverse life coaching. She's friendly and personable whilst also being super efficient and somehow manages to get to the crux of the matter without you even realising she's guiding you there.

After just one session, I felt as though my ambitions were genuinely doable for the first time ever. This woman is worth her weight in purest gold."

Violet Fenn, Author

ADHD Life Coaching -

How To Function In A Neurotypical World


The neurodiverse brain works in very many different ways to most people might expect. It can feel extremely hard - almost impossible - to do the things which seem to come so easily to everyone else.

Being told to "just calm down", "write in your journal", or "just think positive thoughts", can make you feel more anxious or less "seen", because your complex neurodiverse brain - perhaps coupled with anxiety and many other comorbidities - doesn't seem to want to comply.

What might look like simple, every day life challenges to someone else?
Quite frankly, those challenges can often leave you feeling like a very misunderstood failure, despite constantly trying your best.

Your brain isn't wired to conform to neurotypical standards, and it takes someone who relates and understands, to help you through that.

This is where I come in, helping you find what you need to make things work for you, with less frustration!


You're definitely in the right place if:

  • You are full of ideas and need help seeing ways to increase performance
  • You feel a bit stuck and are keen to move forwards in your life
  • You want to set some big goals, and need help achieving them
  • You feel frustrated with your ADHD, and want better ways to cope with changing your mindset
  • You need someone to show you exactly how to be your own best cheerleader!

You may want to reconsider if...

  • You don't feel like you really want to commit and do the work
  • You're not really sure about what you want out of life, and aren't really bothered about your future.
  • You don't like it when someone is very honest with you and may call you out(!)
  • You are currently dealing with or working through addiction, trauma, abuse, or are in some sort of therapy - let's talk about this before we go any further.
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ADHD Business Consultancy -

Client Testimonial...


I came to Jay when I was at a crossroad between my ‘side-hustle’ and my day-job. We talked about how I viewed the day-job as a sensible, grown up, reliable career, and saw my side hustle as less secure. She helped me to see the entrepreneurial nature in me, and realise that my side hustle is just as solid a choice for making an income as a ‘sensible’ day job can be - because the drive and the energy comes from me and the love I have for what I do. Jay will forever represent that fork in the road for me.

You need to be heard and you need to be cheered on, bolstered by your coach and mentor. And that is precisely what Jay does. Invest in yourself and try at least
one session with Jay. It’ll be worth it!

Connie Tu, award winning Henna & Jagua Artist

ADHD Business Coach & Mentor -

The Joys and Nightmares of Being An ADHD Entrepreneur 

If you're an entrepreneur with ADHD (suspected or diagnosed...), then chances are you are all too familiar with Executive Dysfunction, and that feeling of knowing you should be able to get on with your tasks, but...yeah.

For whatever reason, large or small, it's just not happening.

Perhaps actually your business is absolutely brilliant! But that essence of "Eau D'Burn Out" is coming from you, and you have NO IDEA how the hell to make things work, without feeling like you're going to break yourself at some point. 

I'm the person for you, if:

  • You are keen to explore new ways to run your business and personal life
  • That smell of burn out is becoming suffocating and you want to extinguish it
  • You have some amazing work goals but can't seem to reach them
  • You'd like to discover how to create healthy balances in your ADHD life 
  • You want someone to bounce your ideas off, and help you keep moving forwards
  • You are ready/willing to be held accountable - with kindness and consideration!

Perhaps move on, if...

  • You're not really bothered about your work outcomes or goals at this time
  • You don't believe in the possibility of setting and smashing some serious goals
  • You don't like being held accountable or setting deadlines in any way shape or form
  • You are hoping I or someone else will just do all the work for you (haha! No.)
  • You're not willing to explore some massive changes and opportunities
  • You don't believe in coaching or mentoring (though I would love to know why you're here?!)
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Membership ADHD Business Coaching for ADHD entrepreneurs, business owners, and creatives.


Find everything you need to BYOB (Boss Your Own Business) and get results you've been looking for! Clear the external noise around you, get focused on what you really want from your business, and even better -
you can do this, and more, all whilst managing your ADHD!

Your monthly membership includes 1:1 and group coaching, a non-Fb community, live seminars, workshops and masterclasses with guest speakers, downloads and mini courses, and loads more.

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Your self value should be paramount to you. Your success is personal to me. You’re not in this alone, and I want to see you shine.


Your self value should be paramount to you. Your success is personal to me. You’re not in this alone, and I want to see you shine.