7 Day ADHD Empowerment Challenge -


(Amazing daily coaching, no obligations, impossible to fail. And it's on me.)

Hey! Feeling a wee bit emotionally and mentally wrecked right now? Or perhaps you forgot to give yourself the ultimate gift of kindness?

Then as your super supportive ADHD Creative Coach, I want to give you this "7 Day ADHD Empowerment Challenge", which you definitely need and deserve, right now.

I'm helping you to:

  • feel surprisingly better in a short space of time
  • develop your OWN tools to keep supporting yourself
  • complete a challenge you can't fail
  • grab yourself some free coaching
  • manage a bit of the ADHD overwhelm and stress
  • build up your confidence in¬†bite-size chunks
  • just be the¬†most awesome you that you can be

Get the good stuff right here!

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The only spam I might ever invest in, is that from a can. You won't get any spam of any kind from me. ūüėČ

Using my tried and tested ADHD Love Notes, I can't wait to gift you 7 days of ADHD coaching love and support! Each day has a super easy, powerfully effective task, which I use regularly for myself, AND within my 1:1 coaching. Absolutely free, no obligation. Sign up now so you don't forget, ok?

Also I absolutely promise - there's no obligations. If you hate the lovely messaging and free coaching, you can unsubscribe at any time during the course. You won't lose anything except the rest of the free coaching, and the bonus gift at the end. I won't yell at you, and I won't ask for your dog*.

Hey, I'm Jay!

I'm a certified ADHD Creative Coach (the full title is "Neurodivergent Specialist Transformational Life Coach, but that is one helluvva ridiculous title, haha!), and I'm also a professional solo cellist.

My joy is in music performance, creative coaching, and public speaking, and the fact that I get to use these to help other people becoming amazing? Well, that to me is what I call, living the dream. 

* you can send me your dog if you like. Or if I meet your dog, I'll most likely ask if I can play with it.¬†ūüĎÄ