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I see you, wanting to know more about what other people might have experienced with their coaching and mentoring sessions with me. Possibly you're feeling hesitant, maybe you don't know what you're about to launch yourself into, perhaps you want that last drop of reassurance and comfort going forward...

...maybe you just want to confirm you're really doing the right thing!

These honest and amazing testimonials below are from just a tiny handful of clients who have worked with me, and made the step towards getting the help and support they wanted, needed, and deserved.

I hope you join them soon!

Lizzie A.

Jay is as spectacular as she is irritating - but let me be clear that the irritating is purely because she’s so right, sees straight through the nonsense excuses I make, and points out the ways in which I can simplify my own life by just…pausing a second.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you don’t “meet your full potential” - but Jay helps you to stick a finger up at those who tried to set your potential, to limit your growth, and your own inner walls as you step right on over what you thought you could achieve and get way further.

Connie T.

I came to Jay when I was at a crossroad between my ‘side-hustle’ and my day-job. We talked about how I viewed the day-job as a sensible, grown up, reliable career, and saw my side hustle as less secure. She helped me to see the entrepreneurial nature in me, and realise that my side hustle is just as solid a choice for making an income as a ‘sensible’ day job can be - because the drive and the energy comes from me and the love I have for what I do. Jay will forever represent that fork in the road for me. You need to be heard and you need to be cheered on, bolstered by your coach and mentor. And that is precisely what Jay does. Invest in yourself and try at least one session with Jay. It’ll be worth it!

Violet F.

I absolutely love Jay's no nonsense approach to neurodiverse life coaching. She's friendly and personable whilst also being super efficient and somehow manages to get to the crux of the matter without you even realising she's guiding you there.

After just one session, I felt as though my ambitions were genuinely doable for the first time ever. This woman is worth her weight in purest gold.

Lea C.

Jay is an amazing human of many talents, and the coaching world is now lucky enough to have her involved now as well. I’ve never had a life coaching session before and Jay had me instantly addicted. She is thoughtful and kind, incredibly insightful, and shows a genuine interest in helping you succeed. To have her specialize in helping those with ADHD like me, is icing on the cake. I feel so seen!

Jeanette C.

I had a 1:1 coaching session with Jay. Talking to Jay was an eye opener for me since I'm not officially diagnosed with ADHD. I had a wonderful time and Jay was really easy to talk to and open up about my daily struggles. Thank you Jay💖

Nicki B.

I had my first session with Jay recently. Over the years I have had various coaches and therapists and I can honestly say that for the first time I felt that my coach "got" me completely - this allowed me to be more open and honest and therefore come away feeling I had actual realistic, achievable goals. Jay is an incredible coach and I would, without hesitation recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jay ❤

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