Hey, great to see you!


Jay Émme

ADHD Life & Mindset  Coach,

ADHD Business Coach


I work with ambitious, creative, high energy people with ADHD, helping you work with your own brain (not against it). Together, we create strategic and supportive plans, redesign your tools to smash your goals, we explore and improve your mindset - all in a safe, professional,  and secure space (especially when you want to sound things out when it's all confusing and overwhelming).

I'm also your pocket cheerleader...and we just get shit DONE, with as much ease as possible.

Let's do this awesome thing, Jay!

Hey, great to see you!


Jay Émme

ADHD Life & Business Coach

I’m Jay, and I'm a think-outside-the-box, down-to-earth, certified ADHD Transformational Life Coach, ADHD Life Consultant, and professional solo cellist, with ADHD!

I work with ambitious, creative ADHD entrepreneurs and professionals creating strategic and supportive plans, giving you the tools to accomplish your goals, to recognise and value your own self, and to just get shit DONE.

(I'm also your pocket cheerleader and accountability buddy...which I'm pretty certain you need in your life.)

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High energy and on the verge of burnout?
Excited to get started, but just...can't get started?
Need someone to understand and celebrate what looks like seemingly tiny victories?
Absolutely done with constantly fighting the neurotypical methods? 


Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm a think-outside-the-box, down-to-earth, certified Transformational Life, Business & Mindset Coach (and professional solo wedding cellist), with ADHD!

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Featuring the amazing tried and tested ADHD Love Notes™, this 1:1 programme is for you to smash limiting beliefs, rebuild confidence, and put your life and mindset back on track for awesomeness.

(8 week private coaching programme)

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ADHD Transformational Life Coaching

1:1 ADHD Transformational Coaching sessions. We go deep into unravelling your mental blocks, we explore ways to live a better and easier life, and all whilst you can feel supported with your own personal pocket cheerleader.

(6 months, 1:1 coaching programme)

Let's work together!


If your ADHD and Executive Dysfunction is kicking your ass whilst you try to get your business or course off the ground (or restarted...!) then this is for you - ADHD business coaching, from idea to launch.

(8 weeks, 1:1 coaching programme)

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 A little bit about me...

Jay Émme, Dip., BA (hons), MA (distinction)

It's so great that you're here, and I'm already excited for you!

I've been diagnosed with ADHD (currently unmedicated), and am also firmly on the autism spectrum. You know you want someone who understands what you're going through, right? I get it. I can relate to how your neurodiverse brain is working, how it's tripping you up, and help you create alternative, effective ways to help you manage what's going on.

I am one seriously determined person, who doesn't take any crap. Life is too short to have a million excuses to not go out and thrive. I'm regularly asked, "Jay...how on earth do you manage to do what you do?!" I have a healthy mindset, serious goals, and amazing self-care strategies, and I can show you how to be all that...and more!

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Testimonials From Amazing People Like You

Nicki B.

I had my first session with Jay recently. Over the years I have had various coaches and therapists and I can honestly say that for the first time I felt that my coach "got" me completely - this allowed me to be more open and honest and therefore come away feeling I had actual realistic, achievable goals. Jay is an incredible coach and I would, without hesitation recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jay

Lizzie A.

Jay is as spectacular as she is irritating - but let me be clear that the irritating is purely because she’s so right, sees straight through the nonsense excuses I make, and points out the ways in which I can simplify my own life by just…pausing a second.
There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you don’t “meet your full potential” - but Jay helps you to stick a finger up at those who tried to set your potential, to limit your growth, and your own inner walls as you step right on over what you thought you could achieve and get way further.

Lea C.

Jay is an amazing human of many talents, and the coaching world is now lucky enough to have her involved now as well. I’ve never had a life coaching session before and Jay had me instantly addicted. She is thoughtful and kind, incredibly insightful, and shows a genuine interest in helping you succeed. To have her specialize in helping those with ADHD like me, is icing on the cake. I feel so seen!

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The ADHD Love Notes™ 

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Now you can take your Personal Pocket Cheerleader with you anywhere you go! Inside, you will find 4 weeks of powerful mantras designed for you to use whenever you need. Each one is designed to support you and your ADHD brain, understand your self-worth, grow your confidence, and help you get to know and be the real you.

Inside, you will find:

  • All 28 ADHD Love Notes mp3 files
  • 28 phone-ready image files of each love note for you to use and print
  • Accompanying PDF guide

- everything you need to get the most out of these powerful, gorgeous mantras.

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Your self value should be paramount to you. 

Your success is personal to me.

You’re not in this alone, and I want to help you see you shine.


I'm ready Jay - let's work together!