Creative Life Coaching



Powerful, certified, intuitive coaching,

with an alternative, outside-the-box,

neurodiverse approach

Transformational coaching, of any kind, is not for the faint of heart.


It is not for the unadventurous;

it is not for people who want to stay as they are...

...and it is definitely not for people with zero curiosity.


My Mission

Years and years and years of training to teach and coach...and so little of it seemed to stick. Because so much of it was so generic. It also didn't help that none of it was tailored for people like me - neurodivergent, audacious, free-spirited, and highly intuitive.

So I took everything I knew, shook it all up, and made it into something useful for other people like me.

And then the mission began - to let other people like me, know that they don't have to conform to the norm.

My mission is to let you know that not only is it ok to break the rules, but that actually...those rules might not even exist...

My Approach to Coaching

I believe in the power of possibility.

I prefer to throw traditions out the window.

I challenging the challenges.

I recognise, accept, encourage and celebrate the transformations which come from taking the tiniest steps.

I believe in throwing old bullshit beliefs out the window, and creating incredible new beliefs.

I take pride in empowering other people, seeing them succeed and excel as they're supposed to.

I believe you should have access to the creative life you want!

One of the bravest things you could do, is to acknowledge your fears, and voice your dreams, out loud.

I want to speak my dreams into existence, Jay!

Neurodivergent Creative Coaching -

Client Testimonial...


"I absolutely love Jay's no nonsense approach to neurodiverse life coaching. She's friendly and personable whilst also being super efficient and somehow manages to get to the crux of the matter without you even realising she's guiding you there.

After just one session, I felt as though my ambitions were genuinely doable for the first time ever. This woman is worth her weight in purest gold."

Violet Fenn, Author

Here's how you can make some MEGA life shifts:

Creative Life & Confidence Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching for Performance, Confidence, Mindset


Incredible, life-changing coaching , for seriously game changing results. Whether you're creating a whole new chapter, or just need some ongoing help and support to make things better, this is the place where you can really make a difference.


  • Creative Confidence
  • Mental Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
  • Creative Mindset Management
  • Creative Life Goals

(And more, if you're up for it!)

Single sessions from £279

Let's Level Up Your Creative Life & Mindset

the Ignition Coaching Sessions

1 to 1 Short Transformational Coaching Series


A short series of transformational coaching sessions, for people who want to create a spark for something new and awesome in their lives, and are looking for help finding the catalyst to make those changes happen. Best for people who want to experience fast results. 🔥💥✨


  • Quick mindset management
  • Project launch strategies
  • Problem solving ideas
  • Business and life decision making

(And more, if you do the work!)

Accelerated 1:1 coaching £777

Let's Fuel Those Flames For Launch

Why would you be apologetic for wanting to make your own creative life so utterly brilliant?

Life Goals Coaching -

Client Testimonial...


I came to Jay when I was at a crossroad between my ‘side-hustle’ and my day-job. We talked about how I viewed the day-job as a sensible, grown up, reliable career, and saw my side hustle as less secure. She helped me to see the entrepreneurial nature in me, and realise that my side hustle is just as solid a choice for making an income as a ‘sensible’ day job can be - because the drive and the energy comes from me and the love I have for what I do. Jay will forever represent that fork in the road for me.

You need to be heard and you need to be cheered on, bolstered by your coach and mentor. And that is precisely what Jay does. Invest in yourself and try at least
one session with Jay. It’ll be worth it!

Connie Tu, award winning Henna & Jagua Artist

Want to know how to get results and make this really work? It's easier than you think.


(And you will have loads of support you with this.)

1. Show up.

Be present. Even on the days when you don't feel like it (those days might surprise you, and actually be the best days). You don't have to always bring your "A game". Hell, you don't have to bring any game if you don't want to. But show TF up.

2. Be open.

I will ask questions, and present you with new ideas and thoughts. And they might seem like the most ridiculous things ever. Be open to ANYTHING and everything. Listen to - and hear - as much as you can in our conversations. Be open to suggestion.

3. Be willing.

In order for change to happen, you will need to experience growth, and be moved out of your comfort zone. Be willing to take the action in order to get there. We both know that YOU know that that's where The Good Stuff happens.

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That "possibility" you've been looking for? It might just be right here, and it starts with a (free) conversation.

Creative Life  & Confidence Coaching

Ongoing Private 1-to-1 Transformational Life, Mindset & Confidence Coaching

Let's Create A Better Life

the Ignition Coaching Sessions

1 to 1 Short Transformational Coaching Series

Let's Create A Spark