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Mental Mantra Meditations


I love, love, LOVE using meditations and affirmations for mindset work, and it's even better when you can use them wherever, and whenever!

As part of the FearLess Creatives programme, you will find a bonus of 4 audios of affirmations/mantras for you, recorded by me, to give you an AMAZING boost.

Each audio contains 21 confidence building and imposter syndrome busting mantras and affirmations, available with music, ambient, no music AND subliminal, for whatever suits you best!

It's quite literally, your personal pocket cheerleader...designed to give you a real feel-good boost, and keep you on track to big success.

Fancy a listen? The ambient version (lovely gentles waves and sounds of the sea...) is available for you below. Enjoy!

FearLess Creatives
Mental Mantra Meditations (Listen now)

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FearLess Creatives


A powerful programme for all creatives, artists,
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