Ignition Coaching Sessions

Accelerated Creative Goals Coaching


A short series of transformational coaching sessions, for people who want to create a spark for something new and awesome in their lives,
and are looking for help finding the catalyst to make those changes happen. 🔥💥✨

The best results don't come by sitting around and hoping someone else will do the work.


They come when you take action, when you light the spark, when you throw a bucket of fuel on the fire,
because you want to actually see change.


You actually want to see things happen.


That's what these sessions are all about.

Ignition Sessions Coaching - Client Testimonial


Crikey! Not only did Jay help me begin to find my self confidence again, but she made the sessions relaxed, focused, and a giggle. It has been a really rough year for me, and Jay managed to hear that and acknowledge it, at the same time as pulling the curtains back from all the doors of opportunity that were there for me. She gave me SO much to think about, as well as little tasks to do. Yup - there were moments where she challenged me to be true and honest with myself and that is never easy, but by the glorious tale feathers of a cockerel, she did it without me feeling down on myself, or embarrassed. I will be booking another session in the near future. She is worth every moment of the session. THANK YOU!!!

Amy Lebeau, Creative Entrepreneur

Ready to light the fuse? No need to stand back...!

There's no room for BS in the Ignition Sessions.

(Bring it if you must, by all means. But it will be removed, to make way for the more important stuff which you're focusing on.)

I wanted to call these "quick fire sessions", due to how fast we would be working to get you moving. But that felt like me trying to bring my own "marketing BS" to the table.

We don't have time for that.

The fact remains - Ignition Sessions is appropriate because when these sessions have happened in the past, people have described it as the feeling of someone lighting a fire under them, and suddenly they go off with a whole new vision of discovery.

And so I leave my own BS at the door, invite you to do the same, and meet me in this incredible, energetic coaching space.

You just need to approach the space with honesty, and know that for you to progress, you also must be open and willing.

Oh...and you also need to show TF up.

It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do - all that matters is that you are willing to learn from and release the old stories, and explore the new ideas.

The Ignition Coaching Sessions are really simple; here's all you need to know:

  • Your first session is 90 minutes, where we spend some time talking about your plans, and then we dive straight into coaching. Your second and third sessions are up to 60 minutes each, and then you will finish (if you wish!) with 30 minute follow-up session - like a check in clinic - to see you going forward
  • All sessions must take place within a 45 day timeframe. Accelerated? You better believe it.
  • I welcome EVERYONE to the Ignition Sessions - neurodivergent AND neurotypical, any colour, any/non gender - I insist on being inclusive and respectful, and I ask that you do the same
  • The sessions include interim support via email, during office hours.
  • The cost for this is £777, paid up front, in full. Due to the nature of this coaching, and the standard expectation that you will do your best work, and I will do my best work, there are no refunds
  • Want to know more about me? You can click here (with thanks!)
  • Want to know what other people think? 1:1 testimonials are right here, they're all my own clients.
  • Just want to dive straight in and get going? Me too - click here and let's go!!

Violet F.

I absolutely love Jay's no nonsense approach to neurodiverse life coaching. She's friendly and personable whilst also being super efficient and somehow manages to get to the crux of the matter without you even realising she's guiding you there.

After just one session, I felt as though my ambitions were genuinely doable for the first time ever. This woman is worth her weight in purest gold.

Lizzie A.

Jay is as spectacular as she is irritating - but let me be clear that the irritating is purely because she’s so right, sees straight through the nonsense excuses I make, and points out the ways in which I can simplify my own life by just…pausing a second.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you don’t “meet your full potential” - but Jay helps you to stick a finger up at those who tried to set your potential, to limit your growth, and your own inner walls as you step right on over what you thought you could achieve and get way further.

Nicki B.

I had my first session with Jay recently. Over the years I have had various coaches and therapists and I can honestly say that for the first time I felt that my coach "got" me completely - this allowed me to be more open and honest and therefore come away feeling I had actual realistic, achievable goals. Jay is an incredible coach and I would, without hesitation recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jay ❤