Creative Life Coaching Companion LIMITED TIME OFFER!

creative life coach offer Jul 26, 2023

AKA: Cheerleader Jay In Your Pocket

It's just a quick one today - I'm reminding you that 50% discount on my Creative Life Coaching Companion runs out in a few days. After then, it's back to full price, ok?

(You'd already know about this offer if you were subscribed to emails or following me on socials. Don't come at me if you're only just hearing about this, ok?!?)


The discount is part of a beta offer - I've thrown this version together, and would love for people to take advantage of using it whilst I'm still building it. SO. If there's a section you'd like to see added, or something around coaching which you think might benefit you by way of 24/7 access, then let me know.

This lovely chunky companion includes:

  • Wheel of Life - Coaching Tool
  • Wheel of Life - Notes and further support
  • Self Reflection Journal
  • Dreams and Ideas
  • Importance Focus
  • Affirmations Journal
  • Self Permission Exercise and Journal
  • Daily Self Love Journal
  • Free Journal space
  • Goal Setting Planner
  • 1 Year Vision Plan
  • 10 Year Vision Plan
  • Vision Board Space
  • Daily Management
  • Week/Month/Year Planner some positive and supportive quotes to keep you going in the right direction.


In short - you get a jam-packed coaching document, tailored to your needs as much as I can, for the forseeable, for less than a Starbucks caramel flat white and slice of buttered fruit bread toast.

(Which is my fave order, should you ever want to just buy me a coffee instead.)

The good news is not only do you get the Creative Life Coaching Companion for 50% off, you will ALSO have access to ALL future updates, no matter how big the document becomes.

For the discount, you will need to enter this code:


But honestly, it's only good until 31st July when the code runs out. (And no, I can't "just add one more day", because I like to think I'm giving you LOADS of time.)

Click HERE to grab it with a discount. If you're reading this after 31st July, you can still grab your copy!

Questions? Feedback? Want more? Ping me a message, let me know your thoughts. I gotchu. ;)

Speak soon,

Jay x


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