FEATURED: Netflix "Tudum" Digital Magazine

May 26, 2023

As if it wasn't enough to be a member of Queen Charlotte's Global Orchestra, I'm really excited to tell you I was invited to quote for netlifx "Tudum" magazine!!

(BTW, Tudum is the "Netflix sound...)

Before I even continue, I MUST express the gratitude for the fact that my life just feels like the gift which keeps on giving... 

So, after doing the Queen Charlotte quartet performances in London and Liverpool (and then London again!), I was contacted by lovely Team Netflix to interview for an article about what it was like to experience being part of such a phenomenal event.

I don't need to retype the article here, but you can go and read all about it right here: "How the Inspiring Alicia Keys ‘Queen Charlotte’ Song Came Together"

Holy moly, my name is alongside BEAUTIFUL humans including artist Alicia Keys, composer Kris bower, and arranger Bobbie-Jane Gardner. WHAT AN HONOUR.

The whole experience being part of Queen Charlotte's Global Orchestra was nothing short of PHENOMINAL, and I feel forever blessed that it happened in my lifetime (AND I got to be a part of it).

HUGE thanks as ever to Team Netflix, Warm Street, and Momentum Music Talent Agency...onwards and VERY MUCH upwards!



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