Featured! Online Business Edge Podcast, by Kajabi

business talk featured on kajabi podcast Jun 06, 2023

Something I've (re)discovered this year, is how much good I can help make happen in the world, when I rememeber to use my "voice".

I don't mean, just general chit chat; more like, utitlising my stories, my experiences, my anectdotes and support for others.

This happens in lots of different ways, but more often than not over the last year, it's been via podcasts, which I LOVE.

Kajabi invited me to share some more of my story - my businesses, and how I use them to support, encourage, and celebrate others - on their podcast, Online Business Edge.

(If you're unfamiliar with Kajabi, it's the platform I use to host all of things you've been looking through on my site, including this blog, my courses and coaching, LOADS more. I'd be lost without Kajabi, no idea how the hell I'd have the capacity to run everything from a million different places. Ummmmm no thank you.)

Anyway! If you want to listen to me seemingly gush over everything I love in my business (their editing is AMAZING, hahahah), and talk a wee bit about what might be coming up next which I'm creating for you.

Listen on Spotify:


Listen on Apple Podcasts 


I do love a flipping good discussion, so if you had any takeaways, thoughts, requests, or ideas, hit me up in the comments or come join the discord server. Looking forward to chatting with you!

PS If you're wanting to give Kajabi a go, you can use this link for a free 14 day trial, and you'll also get to throw me your questions if you want a bit of help getting started.



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