Thoughts On "Being Normal"

audhd entrepreneur creative business coaching kajabi May 30, 2023

I mean.

Like...I just look at that title and burst out laughing already, it's so hilarious to me.

What the bloody hell IS NORMAL?

ESPECIALLY for a neurodivergent. What is it? What is normal? Is it basically everything which my own world and experiences are not?

At the time of typing this (I may finish this post in time, I may not touch it for WEEKS), I'm sitting in the LUSH restaurant and bar on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel, Austin Texas, ready for an event Kajabi Hero Live.

(Yes, I mentioned this before, because OMG I AM SPEAKING AT KAJABI HERO LIVE)

And I'm thinking back to some social conversations I had last night, where people were talking about marketing, and funnels, and email lists, and the rest. And I also noted the responses when I told people I have none of the above, but continue to grow my business in a way which sees me showing up (marketing), providing cool and/or interesting content when and where I am able (funnels), connecting with people who are interested in hanging out with me (email list? Commiunities?) and basically having fun whilst supporting people along the way (uh, the rest).

All of those things I "need" - emails, funnels, blah blah - are great. Sure. They work.

I've seen people do the whole six, seven, AND eight figure thing with that stuff. 


But it's also not my normal.

My normal is a mixture of throwing spaghetti at the wall (figuratively...) and showing up being my best self, with the right intentions, and trusting the HELL out of my gut. Usually armed with full technicolour ideas splattered everywhere, in all their glory.

(Generic handmade gif in Canva, because people don 't like it when your spray your thoughts all over their wall IRL... 👀👀👀 )

That process has taken a LONG time to fine tune, but that's because I had already spent too much time listening to all the "should do, need to do" advice, rather than listening to what's actually best for me and my awesome clients. 

It took me a LONG time to actually be able to say, "ok, Chad, but...your strategies for reaching six figures is making me want to die inside, and I'm pretty certain my business isn't supposed to feel like this..."

Because I changed my view on What Is Normal.

My normal is "whatever works for me".

Your normal is "whatever works for you."

And if that means throwing spaghetti at a wall, or blogging on the fly with no attention paid to keywords and/or SEO, or leaving your piles of laundary on the kicthen floor so that you keep seeing them tripping over them, and them pissing you off so fast you end up completing all your laundary in one afternoon, then so be it.

And yes....that is EXACTLY how I get my blog posts out, and laundary done in one afternoon.

It's My Normal, and it's AMAZING.



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